Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. We strongly believe that design can make a huge difference to our life and are making every endeavor to create smart electronics gadgets with greatest integration of design and technology which also express intelligence and beauty of science. We are working hard to differentiate ourself from the others by continuously providing awesome electronics gadgets which look simple, nice and clean, and bring more value and benefit to life. Good design is long lasting. We are emphasizing on each detail from the very beginning of concept design to the very end of product delivery, aiming to give you an overwhelming experience during interaction with our amazing and beautifully crafted products and to let you feel different with our products and are willing to use them and tell about them.

To meet our target of Creating As Art and to give you the best service and product, we have expanded our team to have fully control over all the product development processes. We are keeping a close eye on each process and each detail to ensure each tiny part and each component is done and fine tuned in the best way.

Concept Design

Life gadgets, inspired by life and created for life, are what we are pursuing all the way upward. We never stop thinking about what people truly need and what can change people’s life. Starting from idea in your mind, we can help you make it come true from sketches. Starting from your ready drawings, we can make a working product ready faster than anybody. We will make mockup after getting concept design ready, and will make dummy sample if necessary to finalize the material, finishing and color. Mechanical mockup is necessary sometimes for designs with complicated structure and for some special purpose like heavy duty models. If all the verifications in this design step are approved, we will move to the next step.

PCB Layout

In the very beginning of design, we need to consider components to use, heat generation, safety control, housing material, power management, the most cost-effective and most efficient way to realize it. For each design, we challenge ourself to find the best way to engineer each of them to get the best performance. Most important of all is the safety. Each layout we have designed has to pass several rounds of very strict tests. Many protections will be adopted for a most safe product, such as anti-static protection, input over voltage protection, output over voltage protection, smart output identification, input over current protection, output over current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, flame retardant protection, waterproof protection, etc.

Mechanical Design

One of the very most important steps in product realization. Good designs save time, save material, save work and save money. To design a product is a lot more work than to produce one. There are too many factors to consider to get a perfect product design. While designing, we need to bear in mind the following: which mold material to use, what the mold lifetime will be, what plastic or metal material to use for the product, if need fast production to inject product, which injection machine to choose, how to avoid product quality issue from design stage such as shrinkage, if it is a high end product, if the design is good for mass production and assembly, if the mold will be flexible to get multiple different products, what the texture or appearance will look like, etc. After the design is done, we will go through many steps of design analysis and approval including mold flow analysis.


Surface mounting technology, we have overall quality control over each production process. After PCB layout, we purchase ourself printed circuit board as well as each components needed. Our mounting machines for auto insertion, screen printing, wave solder, etc. are super advanced and of high precision to make each tiny work done perfectly. Some key working stations are closely monitored with statistics process control and frequently audited to avoid quality issues like misalignment, tombstone, missing parts, solder skips, solder ball, short bridge, etc. High precision testing devices and machines are installed in process to make sure each production process will meet high quality requirement. Tests include automatic optical inspection, circuit test, function test, etc.


Having about 15 years’ experience in the molding filed, we are confident to produce any parts including those for automobile. We have super advanced high precision molding machines including high-speed Charmilles CNC machine, Charmilles EDM and some other drilling and grinding machines. All the drawings will pass through mold flow analysis and further evaluations before production, and all the parts done from mold will go through strict tests and verification based on requirements including abrasion test, 3D measurement, pulling test, drop test, temperature test, etc. In-house injection machines facilitate the whole production processes and quality control. Our injection equipment is able to do up to 1200T.


Product assembly which looks easy but difficult requires very good management of all sources – man, machine, material, method, environment and measurement. All have to go with the theory of total quality management to ensure effective and efficient input and output. Man should be trained and qualified periodically for each position. Machine should be maintained and calibrated periodically by the professional. Material should be clearly defined and monitored for each process from IQC, warehouse, production to end users and should be tractable and used based on first-in-first-out policy. Standard Operation Procedure and Work Instruction, etc. should be on the spot for each position and working station. Special temperature and humidity control is required to store sensitive devices and components. Testing fixtures and devices should cover each process to ensure zero defect output, etc.

Quality Control

The most important of all! We are committed to continuously providing total customer satisfaction. Internal audit team has been set up to check and train people to make sure all aspects are in conformity with ISO. We also have outgoing audit team to audit suppliers periodically to meet quality standard. All aspects inside our company and from suppliers including quality system, production process control, statistics process control, continuous improvement process, calibration, cost of poor quality, etc. will be checked and monitored periodically to ensure a strict quality control over man, machine, material, method, environment and measurement. To facilitate the quality control, we also have quality assurance team including supplier quality management, quality engineering, incoming quality control, in-process quality control, outgoing quality control, reliability verification, etc.