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Smart Mood Maker

See, smell and sleep with music in a peaceful world. Feel the romance of ocean jellyfish: free, light, elegant and peaceful.

As a winner of International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2016, Smart Mood Maker is not just a beautiful Hi-Fi stereo! It combines aroma, light and sound therapy principles, and purifies the air and creates desired moods and atmospheres e.g.: harmony, mystery, aphrodisiac and sleepy. The light comes with seven different colors for different using situations, and the water mist generated will move with the beats and rhythm of the music. By adding aroma, you will get an absolutely new experience and atmosphere. It is a great integration of aroma, light and sound therapy.

Multi-sense theater 9 speakers in each unit and distributed sound system make every corner sweet spot. It purifies air and soul at the same time as well as helps release passion in the jellyfish ocean.

Smart Mood Maker is a beautiful handiwork no matter where you place it. Wherever you put it, you will get the same peaceful world with new and fresh experience.

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