Car Charger Quick Charge Supports All QC Solutions

Car charger quick charge, a new demand in the market, is becoming popular. Here is an awesome one which is a great combination of all quick charge solutions.

This is an amazing dual port car charger with quick charge function. It is not just quick charge 3.0, but also SCP, FCP, OPPO, VOOC, MTK PE and iPhone solution. It is the most compatible model you have neven seen before.

It is a unique technology and a specially designed chipset with unique and amazing quick charge algorithm. It is engineered for safety and best performance. This car charger is of high quality not just because of the nice design, quality materials used and remarkable finishing details but also because of the unbelievable product performance. The smart chipset embedded can identify your device and provide the right voltage and ampere accordingly.

Here are some brief specification. Input is 12V-24V, and output is 5V/4.5A or 4.5V/5A or 9V/2A or 5V/2A. Working temperature is -10~40 centigrade degree. The unbelievable item is developed based on GB4943.1-2011.

Car Charger Quick Charge Is Becoming A New Trend To Comfort Our Speedy Life.