Plastic Injection Mold

Have been in the field for about 15 years. We are offering manufacturing services to make plastic injection mold, plastic injection parts for all kinds of products, surface painting and also product assembly.

Make Us Be Your Trusted and Long Time Partner.

Mould Manufacturing

Work can be perfectly done with high precision machines like high-speed CNC, EDM, grinding machines, etc.

Plastic Injection

50 sets of injection machine can inject plastic parts as small as a tiny button and as big as 21.6 inch laptop.

Surface Finishing

3 sets of automatic painting line and 2 ABB painting robots can paint the surface precisely and effectively.

Product Assembly

High precision products can be whole assembled in dust-free room to avoid any small production discrepancy.

Free Evaluation and Free Design

We believe in our manufacturing service and hold ourselves to a higher standards. We truly care about each detail even from sketching. You can count us!

Mechanical Design

We Can Start From Very Beginning!

Concept Design . Mockup Design . 2D Product Design . 3D Product Design

Softwares We Are Using…

Alias Design, Rehino, 3D Max, CAD, ProE, UG, eDrawings, etc.

Some Of Our Works

Mold Design
Injection Mold
Mold Artworks
Plastic Injection Mold
Injection Mold
Precision Mold

Production Facilities

In addition to what we can do ourselves, we also have a strong supply chain to control each production process.

Precision Mold

High precision EDM, high speed CNC, and a lot more other high standard machines.

Fast Injection

More than 50 sets of plastic injection machines, able to inject up to 1200T.

Automatic Painting

High efficiency and beautifully crafted for each detail on a tiny piece.