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As a professional moulding supplier, we have been in the plastic injection mould business for more than 15 years, and are offering manufacturing services to make plastic injection mould, plastic parts injection, surface painting and also product assembly for almost all kinds of electronic products.

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We believe in our manufacturing service and hold ourselves to higher standards. We truly care about each detail even from sketching. Working with us will let you feel easier and save a lot of your time, energy and cost.

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DESIGN is the first and also one of the very most important steps in product realization. Good designs save time, save material, save work and save cost. To design a product requires a lot more work than to produce one. There are too many factors to consider to get a perfect product design. While designing, we need to bear in mind the following: which mold material to use, what the mold lifetime will be, what plastic or metal material to use for the product, if need fast production to inject product, which injection machine to choose, how to avoid product quality issue from design stage such as shrinkage, if it is a high end product, if the design is good for mass production and assembly, if the mold will be flexible to get multiple different products, what the texture or appearance will look like, etc. After the design is done, a systematic proesses of tests have to be adopted to make it approved for next step such as mold flow analysis.

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Injection Mould Design
injection mould design
Injection Mould Design
Injection Mould Design
Injection Mould Design
Injection Mould Design

MOULD requires both professional people to do and advanced equipment to make. With more than 15 years’ experience in the molding filed, we are confident to produce any parts including those for automobile and high precision ones for watches and medical devices. We have super advanced high precision molding machines including high-speed Charmilles CNC machine, Charmilles EDM and some other drilling and grinding machines. All the drawings will pass through mold flow analysis and further evaluations before production, and all the parts done from mold will go through strict tests and verifications based on requirements including abrasion test, 3D measurement, pulling test, drop test, temperature test, and so on.


We have done so many successful projects from many fields including consumer electronics, home appliance, transportation, medical, security, automobile, office, industrial, jewelry, accessories and many more others.

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Contact us here for any technical consultancy, project evaluation, free design and any inquiry or question about our products and services. Just email us here.

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Professional plastic injection mould supplier.

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